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Kids Empowerment Camp – Details + Full Schedule


This camp is for boys and girls 8-12-years-olds who want to feel more confident within themselves and socially with peers. Each day is very active, moving between grooming, group activities, horsemanship activities, and the occasional art project - like painting the horses! Through working with the horses daily, campers will learn how to take care of the horses and how to better take care of their bodies and emotions to develop greater independence and self-awareness.


Cost: $600/week if paid by May 1st; 

           $650 after May 1st

           *Payment plans available


Monday: Touching in and Grounding

On the first day of camp, we will be exploring how to care for the horses and how to care for ourselves. We will be doing grooming and art-work activities to explore and reflect on this important topic. In the afternoon we will work with the herd of horses and we will learn how to calm ourselves and how to safely be in relationship with the horses and each other.


Tuesday: Independence and Social Dynamics

On this day we will continue to develop relationships with the horses and how to care for them and ourselves in the morning. We will also be exploring social dynamics including friendships, bullies, conflict and overcoming challenges while working with the horse herds.


Wednesday: Communication and Trust

On the third day of camp, we will be exploring frustration, communication, and trust. This day is split between learning how to trust our horses and peers while riding bareback and "roundpenning," a very active exercise that focuses on body awareness and communication skills.


Thursday: Self Awareness and Connection

On this day we will be working on the skills we have built so far and we will be increasing our horsemanship skills in preparation for riding on Day 5. This day includes "joining" with the horses which requires honesty, connection, and relationship. We will also be painting the horses and increasing self-awareness around the connection between emotions and sensations. 


Friday: Intimacy and Transitions

The last day! On this day we will be riding all day long. We will be bringing in all of the tools we have built since Day 1 and we will be celebrating all we have learned and done in the 5 days.




  • Lunch

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Water Bottle

  • Long Pants

  • Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Closed-toed shoes

  • Benadryl (if your child suffers from allergies)

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