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 Counseling Services Offered

"These Play Therapy services are invaliable as a community resource. Our lives have been changed and our family made stronger because of them." - Parent

Parent Coaching


Sensory Processing Struggles

Anger & Aggression

Divorce Struggles


Medical Trauma, extreme allergies, parental medical trauma​


Anxiety & Fears

Extreme Shyness 

Trouble developing relationships

Difficulty in school

Frequent temper tantrums

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Poor impulse control

Trouble with life transitions (new baby, starting school, moving)

Grief and loss

Difficulty sleeping, frequent waking, or wetting the bed

Gain more tools to handle your child's:




Struggles with Divorce

and much more


Understand the biology of distress to figure out what tools work when and why. 


Whether your child works with me or not, parent coaching can help you feel more confident facing your unique challenges.

Empowerment Camps for girls struggling to find their way and feel confident in their bodies, mananging relationships and feeling empowered.


Camps for hyperactive boys who struggle to listen, to make good choices, overwhelm others, trouble settling down and may be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  

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