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Is your child sensative to light, sounds, clothes with tags or itchy clothes? Does your child spin around in circles at home or on swings? Does he bump into walls, chairs and/or people all the time? Is your child very picky about food texture and taste? Do transitions and changes in schedule lead to overwhelm, melt-downs or anxiety? Is your child diagnosed with sensory processing disorder?


For children who struggle to make sense of sensory input (visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, taste, vestibular/gravity, proprioceptive), their experience of the world and their body can be overwhelming. Often children struggling with sensory integration tend to develop emotional patterns that become entangled with the physical overwhelm, such as anger, fear, anxiety, etc. This can develop into behaviors such as tantrums, melt-downs, aggression or extreme shyness as a way to combat the emotions and physical sensations they are experiencing. 


At Heal Through Play, we specialize in working with children who struggle with sensory integration. Our lead therapist, Heather Gunther, is trained to incorporate movements into her sessions that help integrate sensory struggles while also working through the emotional entanglement that often happens. 


Your child will learn how to seperate the physical sensations from the emotional habits, while learning tools to calm their nervous systems. They will also develop the skills necessary to communicate about their experience and what helps them in times of sensativity. 

Sensory Processing Difficulties

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