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About Us

"Heather was a total blessing, giving us some very strategic tools to use as parents and a wonderful ally to our son.

Thank you!"

- Parent


"We have experienced a truly astounding change in Forest's behavior. After just one session he stopped having behavioral issues at school! I would totally recommend Heather to anyone."  

- Mom of 5 year old

Heather Gunther, MA

Our Lead Psychotherapist, Heather Gunther, has over two decades of experience teaching kids, leading parenting workshops, providing counseling, and working with children around the world and with varying physical and mental abilities. Heather has advanced training in play therapy, transpersonal counseling, wilderness therapy, gestalt & gestalt equine therapy, leadership coaching, trauma, sensory sensitivities, autism, and continues to work with the best and brightest in the counseling field.


Heather is passionate about facilitating growth and transformation in others. She has worked with children struggling with: sensory sensitivities, emotional outbursts, fear and anxiety, medical issues/procedures, trauma, depression, overwhelm, lack of impulse control, self-harm behaviors, lying, stealing, acting younger than their age, making and/or maintaining friendships, anger and aggression, sibling rivalry, school, parents’ divorce, etc.; and their parents, who want to support their children through these challenges.


These clients now have more self-confidence and balance. They act their age, make better choices, and their symptoms have dissipated because they have the lifelong tools to access greater awareness of their needs, increased emotional language and control, and better decision making abilities.

Contact Heather Gunther in Lafayette, Colorado, to recieve transformational counseling for your child.

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