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Girl’s Empowerment Intensive


Comprehensive Support for you and your Tween.


Are you seeing some behaviors that have you worried? At this time in your daughter's life learning appropriate coping skills is so important for her success now and later in life. Some social situations at this age can teach our children coping skills that are worrisome and potentially dangerous. We know that this can be a struggling time and that you want your child to learn safe and effective ways to cope. This group aims to supply you and your tween with comprehensive tools for all of life’s challenges, whether big or small.


Learning these tools can be done in a way the feels enjoyable to both you and your daughter. This is why we have created weekend intensives utilizing horses as facilitators, allowing your daughter to gain the skills in a memorable and embodied way. You will also receive weekly video lessons to support your daughter in implementing the healthy skills she’s learning during the weekend intensives.Middle school can be hard for girls in terms of self-esteem, building healthy relationships and having the confidence to make hard decisions. Horses can become a trusted companion to learn about inner power, friendship, and handling conflict.


For girls 11 - 14 years-old


Cost: $750
September 15-17

October 20-22


In addition to the 2 weekends the girls get with Heather & Eve learning new skills and deepening their relationship with themselves, parents will receive 6 weeks of coaching full of tools to support your daughter's new skills. All coaching will be done virtually and you will have access to the videos for years to come. 



Friday: Sept. 15th & Oct. 20, 5 pm - 6:30 pm

During our time together on Friday, we will focus on orienting to each other, the horses, and creating a safe place to connect, learn and grow.


Saturday: Sept. 16th & Oct. 21, 10 am - 4 pm

Saturdays will be our our day for exploring the challenges that are coming up in school, at home and in relationships. We will be address these challenges in a fun and engaging way with the horses. 


Sunday: Sept. 17 & Oct. 22, 10 am - 3 pm

On Sunday, 1 parent or guardian will join us for lunch at 12 pm and stay until the end of the day. Together you will grow your relationship, communication, and the girls will get a chance to practice the skills they have been learning both about themselves and the horses.


Parent Modules 

Parents will receive weekly modules for 6 weeks which will cover:

  • Emotional regulation and supporting your tween in building coping skills.

  • Empower you through your understanding of what is happening chemically and biologically for your tween AND what you can do to support healthy development through the teen years.

  • How relationships change during this time in your daughters life and how to support everyone in the family.

  • Mood swings and how to support yourself and child during these challenges.

  • Address age appropriate growth vs unhealthy behavior and ways to work with both.




  • Lunch

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Water Bottle

  • Long Pants

  • Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Closed-toed shoes

  • Benadryl (if your child suffers from allergies)

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