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Serving children and families, using Play Therapy & Child Counseling, in Boulder, Niwot, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, & Longmont, Colorado


Play Therapy



Is your child struggling with:

behavior problems 

sensory sensitivities

your divorce or separation



trouble making and maintaining friendships

school issues

a specific scary or overwhelming experiences

sibling rivalry

feeling easily overwhelmed

trying to make sense of her adoption

sensory processing disorder

anger & aggressionautism




Play Therapy can help. 


At Heal Through Play, we use a cutting-edge, empirically validated form of psychotherapy that can help your child transform challenges into accomplishments, while learning tools for greater self-control, balance, and self-esteem. Help your children through their difficult times with the effective practice of play therapy, so your child can stop struggling and start thriving.


Get to know the child you always knew he could be, but couldn't find on his own.


Parent Groups

Strengthen your parental support and network with other play therapy parents in our organized parent groups. Together we can create a community environment, while learning new skills that benefit both you, your child, and your family.

About Us

At Heal Through Play, we use a type of play therapy called Synergetic Play Therapy™. Synergetic Play Therapists™ literally get to the root of the struggle, helping transform the child (and the family) from the inside out because they understand the neuro-science behind the transformation process and are able to work with a child (and the family) in such a way that targets:


1) Supporting the child in moving towards the uncomfortable sensations, emotions and thoughts that they might be experiencing. The result is that the child heals at much deeper and faster level.


2) Re-patterning of the child's nervous systems. The result is that the child feels empowered in his/her physical body, while learning new and more effective coping strategies that he/she can take with him/her for life.


3) Teaching the child how to stay connected (attach) to him/herself, so that his/her authentic self emergesand his/her belief in self increases.


(Synergetic Play Therapy™, Lisa Dion, 2013)


Our Lead Therapist: Heather Gunther, MA

Develop a deeper understanding of a child counselor that has brought balance and self-esteem to scores of children and their families. Her personal note provides insight into two decades of experience working with children and families and why she dedicated her life to seeing parents and children thrive. Heather Gunther is also listed at Psychology Today and




When it's hard to know where to start, begin by perusing through our resources page. You will find books that are often recommended by our child therapist's as parenting resources for specific issues and general reading. The book recommendations cover topics such as: sibling rivalry, sensory sensitivities, understanding your child's behaviors (Beyond Consequences by Heather Forbes), parenting strategies based on the neuroscience of Daniel Siegel (The Whole Brain Child), and many others. We also have articles, and links to our counseling forms, paperwork, and frequently asked questions about child counseling, play therapy, and child therapy.


Location & Fees

Heal Through Play, LLC is located at:                    


6630 Gunpark Dr

Suite 220

Boulder, CO 80301


We see clients throughout the day, as well as in the evenings. Please contact us for more information about our available times and any questions you may have about our counseling services. Our office is also home to Lyndee Paris, MD and Cara Stiles, LCSW who work with adults.

To schedule an initial meeting you can do so here:


*Not every Psychotherapist is the right fit for you or your child.

Therefore, we offer a free phone consultation as a chance for us to see if we are a good fit.



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